Friday, May 30, 2014

10 minutes can earn you $10,000.00

Our program is the fastest way to make money without spending any money of your own. Start today and have a paycheck on Friday.

Here is how it works.

You place an ad of a free classified website such as craigslist, backpage, kijiji or others. That should take you about 10 minutes or so.

The ad will have a link back to our hosting website where a person can sign up for website hosting services. For each person that signs up you earn $150. If the ad runs for 30 days and you get just 1 sign up each day you would earn $4300.00 for placing that single ad. But even if you get one in 30 days you still made $150.00. If you place 6 ads an hour and each earns just one sale in 30 days you would earn $900.00 for that hour of work.

Of course every ad wont make you money, but when you find the right ad wording in the right location it will produce in a big way. Placing one free ad can produce thousands of dollars a day.

How you get paid. pays every Friday for the sales you made in the current week. So if you have 5 sales on Wednesday you would be paid for them on Friday. Checks are mailed every Friday and are generated automatically.

What you are promoting.

You will be advertising our flagship hosting service for $20 a month. People will get a working website that they can edit and manage themselves, upload photos and build pages. They get a working e-commerce system with shopping cart and the ability to collect credit cards. We also provide 7 day a week phone support and the help they need to keep their business running at all times. It is a system where anyone can build a successful online store for their business.

How we know you sent them from your ad.

Each person is assigned a unique sales agent ID. That ID number or name is added to the link and that link is processed by our software. The users computer is sent a cookie to track them for up to 2 months. If they return any time in the next 2 months the sale will credit to your account.

The actual link or url is provided for you in the account management login area. However you can link to any page at as long as you append the page url with the linking code. That lets you link different ads to different features or articles to make your point.

It can't be that easy. Can it?

It is that easy. Companies make millions of dollars by advertising, but individuals don't advertise because they don't have anything to sell. Sure you can sell one item at a time on ebay, but this is like posting one item on ebay and selling the same item hundreds of times.

If it is so easy why don't you do it?

Well, we do. We post ads as often as we can and we buy ads in newspapers, magazines and television, but we can only do so much so we need more people to do it for us. Most of our resources are spent supporting customers and managing the network, so we have very few hours to advertise. That leaves the door wide open for people that have free time to place ads.

Where can you place ads?

Here are some suggestions, but there are thousand more websites, forums and blogs you can place ads on.

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