Thursday, May 29, 2014

How Not To Suck at Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Success Is Based on These Principles: Taking Action (Again, & Again) Focus Prioritizing Your Efforts Following Through Producing “Quality” Tangible Assets (Stuff People Like) Accepting Nothing Less Than Success Believing That… Not Only Can It Be Done – But That YOU Can Do It I am guessing by now that I am beginning to piss off a few people, however this needs to be said and If this blog post can help a small percentage of people, ultimately steering them in the correct “your now able to make money – who thunk it” then I have done what I have set out to do years ago.
How To Guaranteed Your Success Online Several day’s ago, a member on my internet marketing forum and community posted a question asking if I could guarantee his success if he joined my soon to launch coaching program: “but I want to know up front and right away that when I do what you say to do, I will become financially free and independent within the year” I replied that no real coach or mentor can guarantee these types of results, I mean how can I possibly guarantee “financial freedom” that is crazy talk and anyone that is willing to offer such a guarantee is a snake oil salesmen.
I teach people how to build an online asset that can be leveraged in the future, I teach people: How to drive traffic How to convert that traffic into earnings So just how do you ensure that your adding value to the web and building online assets that will be around for awhile? Quality, it’s that simple.
For the last ten months I have been focused on “Going Big” and if you want internet marketing success, if you want to be able to generate revue online, then this blog post is vital information that you must understand.
Use my link building tactic “let’s get blog rolled” method and it will help you get results, build quality content using my new plugin Push Button SEO, which by the way, does not automate your content.
If the method your spending time with is kind of goofy and you know it, if your latest and greatest wonder product produces crap then finding success is going to be like getting blood from a rock.
This stuff get’s results, it has gotten results for years and it continues to work not only for me, but for many who have followed my lead, people like Aidan Booth who found my Commission Ritual Inner Circle and quickly began increasing his earnings, people like Romy, David, Mario, Danny and many others.
If you think your black hat, super spinner, auto posting, build ten thousands links in a snap is the solution allowing you to lie on the coach, eat potato chips and watch reruns of Hogan’s Heroes as your $37 wonder software builds you empire ….. Then friend, put the hookah pipe down and wake up ….you too are going to fail miserably.
Actual stuff that I use to drive traffic and make money (proof below), stuff like video marketing (put yourself on camera – I dare you) and post to youtube, it works.
Do you want to know what is hard? Hard is spending time with stuff that is based on pipe dreams, stuff that is too good to be true, hard is spending your precious time with stuff that produces crap, that’s the key right there.
Make a Shit Ton of Money These three items above have been my motivating factors for years now, nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing someone succeed online and being able to make money online from home (anchor text) while helping others.
And what sucks is that each and everyday I see the latest and greatest product that “guarantee” success, but in fact most of these produces shit content that is bound to fail.

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