Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Make Your Business More Productive

Making Money Online - Business travelers use our Tangent at Westin workspace as a private mobile office to work efficiently by the hour or for impromptu meetings when in New York City." Use a translation app If you're traveling to a foreign country for your trip, you may not have time to learn all the phrases and cultural norms you'll need to know to survive.

[11 Tech Gadgets for Your Working Vacation] Find a temporary office space Can't concentrate in your hotel room? You just might be able to find an office-like spot in your city to set up shop for the day.
"Checking up on emails to make sure you don't miss important opportunities can be a tough task while on the road," said Jason Hubbard, vice president of marketing at integrated sales management tool Cirrus Insight, in a collaborative infographic with Pulp-PR.

"Temporary office spaces are popping up in every major city," said Maureen O'Brien, director of sales and marketing for the Westin New York Grand Central hotel.

"Thankfully, there are a bunch of email apps to help." Email organization apps offer several helpful features, including contact syncing, notification management, automatic rules and filters, to-do lists, and intuitive swipe gestures that let you act on incoming messages quickly.

Keep your emails organized When it comes to doing business on the go, the abilityto stay up to date on a deal or find the exact conversation you need at a moment's notice is what keeps things running smoothly.

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