Friday, August 15, 2014

Can Dollar Success Tricks in Probux

Making Money Online - In this post I will try to discuss Tips and Tricks for success in Probux merauk dollar. For you who do not know probux, probux is one of the sites that have been fairly elite ptc. For you who have not been in probux Registration can mate click here. Online Business PTC was fun but hard dijalanin, but calm aja sob. Once you've got a lot of referrals deh definitely easy saving his dollars ... that's kind of followers Referrals, referrals who click on the ad it will automatically go also to our accunt.

Okehh immediately wrote how successful tricks in probux, cekidot :)
First, click on all the ads that show up every day, advertising reset approximately every hour 10 am EDT. and occasional extra ads will appear.

Do it every day until the Main Balance (MB) reached $ 0.60 and then move to Rental Balance for the first rent referrals.

Enable Autopay on page rented referrals and monitor the performance of referral clicks on average well below 2 and recycle (recycling) 2-3 days of referrals does not click at all.
Do not dilute your income for this moment, and use the resources available in the main balance to buy referrals again when it reached $ 0.60. continue doing this until you reach 200 referrals referrals. referral purchases can only be done once every 7 days.

after you reach 200 referrals, stop buying referrals at this time, at this point you just set the tasks and watch the performance of the referral, the referral Where performance is below the average of its clicks, recycle and replace with the new referral.

Do this until MB (Main Balance) you reach $ 70 and then upgrade your membership to Golden.
Once you Upgrade your membership into Golden continue renting referrals and monitor the performance you have rent. continue to do so you have / rent 800 - 1000 referrals.

And you can begin to melt your income at this point and still to watch the performance of your referral.
The following calculations estimate the income earned in PTC ProBux if you follow the steps above.
-200 Referrals x $ 0005 x 4 Ads per day = $ 4.00 per day (earnings from referrals) Golden Members.
-200 Referrals x $ 0.01 x 4 Ads per day = $ 8.00 per day (earnings from referrals) for Ultimate.
Minimal amount of melting or payout of $ 5 only, can directly transfer in your online account.

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